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It’s a well known fact that updates to a home’s bathrooms and kitchen improve the value of the home on the real estate market, yet many people are overwhelmed with the cost and inconvenience of remodeling. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can update and refresh you bathroom in under 48 hours, no contractor necessary.

New Towels and Bathmats

The focal point in a bathroom tends to be all the linens and towels you may have hanging up or in visible storage. If your collection is on the dingy side, freshen up this space by adding new towels and bathmats. Fine Linens and Kassatex are some of our reputable vendors for great linens and accessories.

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Don’t be afraid to include textures and patterns into your pieces!

Coordinate Bath Accessories

Get rid of those plastic bins. They aren’t working for you. And the soap dispenser with the label still on it that you got off the shelf at the drug store? Time to sophisticate that, too. Decide what would go well and coordinate all of your bath accessories. And yes that means the wastebasket! These accessory sets from Kassatex are great with a cool herringbone pattern crafted from natural bone. They have everything to store your lotions, tissues, and trays for jewelry or “go-to” morning routine items. Having a coordinated accessory pallete can really tie together the space!

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Spruce Up Your Lighting

Have you just purchased a new-to-you home? Replacing light fixtures give you the opportunity to light your bathroom appropriately while making a statement reflecting your personal style. A good electrician will charge about $100 per fixture to install new fixtures the correct way, so please keep safety in mind when performing this type of room refreshment. Don’t forget to ask your electrician to add a rheostat, or dimmer, to the new fixture to allow you to control lighting levels even further.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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Much like having coordinated accessories such as lotion dispensers and tissue boxes, make sure your mirrors play a part as well. Framed mirrors always present a more finished look than a simple pane of glass glued onto drywall. If you are a handy DIY-er, you can even accomplish this without having to purchase an entirely new mirror by adding a frame or border on your own. For those of us less DIY-inclined, check out Made Goods for some really cool options!

New Faucets and Fixtures

Remember our talk about light fixtures? The same applies to faucets. Easy to swap out on a budget and no need to hire an installer to do this. Swapping out fixtures may sound trivial, but wait until you see the end result!

Shower Curtain Overhaul

Even if you take nothing else away from this post, please take down that PVC shower curtain and replace it with a more elegant option like this Turkish cotton curtain with a cotton sateen border. These are easy to clean – just toss in the washing machine and let it go! Don’t forget a nice washable fabric liner to finish off your new high end look.

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Once you’ve made your updates, don’t forget to put something on those walls beside the paint that’s already there. We are talking artwork, here! Need a hand finding the perfect piece? Give us a call and source artwork through LKW Design – we look forward to hearing about your update and remodel needs!

xo LKW