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A successful remodel project in the Vail Valley of Colorado is all about the correct approach. Remodeling in general can be a stressful process for homeowners, but selecting a talented interior designer and construction firm is crucial to insure a successful project with great “Before & After” photos like the ones below from a recent LKW Design Associates remodel project in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

LKW Design is working on more remodel projects these days than new construction, which makes sense based on the age of our ski resorts and surrounding towns. The good news is that Jamie Critchlow and Kayce Newell, our principal interior designers, enjoy the design challenges presented, and the creativity required, during remodel projects. We thought it would be a fun and helpful blog post to list some tips we’ve learned through experience. We’ll throw in a few LKW Design project photos for our readers who skip over the text, and are just looking for a little visual inspiration over their morning coffee.

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1) Research local construction firms and interior designers. A great place to start is where you can narrow your search by region without trying to guess the perfect google search phrase. Most companies list project photos and links to their company website, and many even have reviews from past clients.

2) Select two firms that you are interested in meeting with in person at the project location (best option), or that you can speak with over the phone. Perhaps one you found online at Houzz, and one referred to you by your real estate agent or another source. During your interview meeting ask specifically about remodel project experience, and if there is a firm (interior design or construction) that they work with regularly as a good team.

3) Share your project goals and priorities, and most importantly your budget! Your interior designer and contractor know what things cost and what is realistic. Most of us have done great projects meeting aggressive budgets in addition to luxury projects where the design aesthetic of the client sets the budget. Use our knowledge and have an open conversation so that everyone can work towards common goals.

4) Understand the remodel requirements for the area your home is in. If you have a condo in the Vail Valley, your building will most likely allow a Spring project beginning the end of April when the ski resorts close and ending before the 4th of July holiday. Your second, and typically only, other option is in the Fall beginning Labor Day and ending right before Thanksgiving. That’s it. No summer or winter high season remodel options. Select a professional team that has a good track record of meeting these tight deadlines, and understands the tricky business of local HOA and DRB requirements.

Follow these tips at the beginning stages of your project, and your remodel professional can guide you through the rest of the process. Of course we hope you’ll consider LKW Design Associates for your next remodel project in the Vail Valley.

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