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Have you ever had a conversation with a friend who experienced a DIY project gone awry? You more than likely heard them utter the phrase “I should have hired a designer”. Even the small remodel projects have a tendency to bring about these regretful feelings where the DIY-er encountered something within those walls that was best left to a professional. With so many things that can go wrong, here’s why its worth it to hire a designer, like LKW Design Associates, and some of these secrets, we bet you didn’t even know about.
They save you money. So, you decided to take the plunge and transform your jet-black locks to platinum blonde. But you’re on a budget, right? Using boxed hair dye – what could go wrong?! Much like your hairstylist, who will shake her head in disappointment when you arrive for a color correction, hiring an interior designer from the start can help you avoid costly mistakes, which in turn, saves you money. And while you may be able to find the products you want on your own, designers also have the ability to sometimes work out cost reductions when it comes to custom furniture production and freight. This will result in an overall bill much cheaper than going it alone.
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They save you time. What is the first step to take towards completing your design project? What order should work be completed when you are looking to phase the project to spread out costs.  Do you know the answers to these questions?  A skilled design professional has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your project plans are created and implemented without hassle and in the appropriate order.
Specifying products, scheduling subs, and working within and around building requirements can consume your schedule. Hiring an interior design professional will save you time by managing all of the tiny details that need to be completed in order to get started and finish a project. You can rest assured and continue your busy life while your designer manages all aspects of the project.
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They make you stick to your budget. Before diving into a project, a designer will help you determine a realistic budget to meet your design goals within the quality standards and time frame you require. Once this piece is set, the designer will begin sourcing the products and materials you will need to complete the project. Hint, hint, if something is outside your budget, they’re going to present you alternatives so that you can stay in control of your wallet. If you’re looking to do a large-scale project, but don’t have the funds to complete it all at once, a designer can help phase the project and prioritize goals to fit within each budget and timeframe.
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They can help increase your property value. A lot of people assume that the only time you will need a designer is when you’ve just purchased a home, however; this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Often times, the best time to hire a designer is when you are putting your property on the market. Why, you might ask? Professional interior designers provide valuable feedback regarding the best design considerations to implement to add value for resale. While this is a tactic that can also be used when the home is purchased, its a tactic that can potentially decrease the time your property sits idle in the marketplace. Hiring an interior designer can contribute to a quick sale turn-around and potentially increase the sale price, dependent on the improvements made.
They have privileged Access (to Trade Sources). If you’re looking for unique or custom pieces, you may not be able to find it on your own. An interior designer has access to an abundance of resources for furnishings and finishing that are not available to the general public. Making sure to hire a professional could mean the difference between settling for “something like” what you want and actually obtaining that custom element that doesn’t even have to break the bank. Hiring a designer affords you the opportunity to take advantage of privileged access to manufactures around the globe; a perk you wouldn’t get by taking the DIY-route.
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They are your creative muse. You don’t know it yet, but the designer you hire will (should) be your creative muse for the project. Professionals have a knack for immersing themselves in their client’s design which means you will achieve the level of “wow” or glam in your space that you desire. Don’t just hire any designer to work on your project. Take the time to meet with several different designers and make sure you find the right “fit”. This will help ensure that you and your designer can work seamlessly together throughout the life of the project.
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