We have some great news – LKW Design Associates has moved locations! We are very excited to announce that we have relocated our business into a beautiful, new space with river views in the Riverwalk Garnet Building in Edwards, Colorado. Check out our announcement in the Vail Valley Partnership Newsroom! Much like any move, we had a lot of work to do before we took over the space. Painting, carpet, flooring, storage, and not to mention all the packing (and then unpacking)! Despite our excitement, we are human and dreaded loathed the actual moving process itself. Today we would like to share with you some lessons learned from past moves to help your relocation go as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

There is no better time to prioritize and take a look at what really makes your space or office function better than when you are moving. The effort and cost it takes to move an item can help make these decisions much easier. For items that are deemed worthy of the new space, consider interesting storage options such as sculptural bookcases and shelving that offers opened and closed storage.


Tarnished Steel Cupboard

storage 2

Cubus Sideboard

storage 3

Lucas Bookshelf

Before moving in, put some thought into how you can layout the workstations in your office to increase efficiency, productivity, as well as the quality of the environment. If you have an office that thrives with interaction between teams, but needs areas that are more private for solo tasks, consider interesting screens like these that allow you to have the best of both worlds; an open office with private work space. Channel your inner tech-mogul and think like the big wigs at Twitter and SWA Group; make sure to include collaborative work spaces.

             screen 1screen 2

                           Dallin Screen                                                           Clarksdale Room Screen

Bite the bullet and install new flooring and paint before moving into your new space. It’s more expensive and probable that it won’t happen if you put it off until after you’ve fully occupied your new office. Moving into a new space and performing updates after the move will result in decreased office productivity and a higher price tag. Looking for a reputable flooring source? Creative Floors of Edwards is our “go to” for all things in the world of flooring. And remember the one cardinal rule of flooring and wall updates – put the paint on the walls before you replace the carpet/flooring to avoid imminent disaster!

Office lighting typically consists of commercial 2×4 fluorescent lighting in the ceiling. Make your space more inviting and less commercial by integrating interesting table and floor lamps that have bulbs that replicate natural daylight better than the typical fluorescent bulb. Commercial and residential spaces can all benefit with varying levels of light creating ambient, task-oriented, and decorative elements.

Lighting Collage

Are you planning a move for your space? Share with us your before-and-afters and any experiences you’ve had along the way. If you like the products you see here, send us a note and we would love to help you source elements for your space! xoxo LKW