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Make 2016 your best year yet, and commit to upgrading your space. Whether you have something to celebrate and want to entertain your friends and family, or you’ve had a heck of a day at the office and need to find your happy place, your home has a huge impact on your life in every aspect. At LKW Design, we focus on making it possible for our clients to walk into their space and feel a sense of joy in a home that reflects their personality and fits their lifestyle.

If you aren’t looking to do a complete renovation due to time or budget constraints, you should still hire a professional. A good interior designer can come in and determine the changes that will help make the most impact to reach your goals. It’s very common for homes in the Vail Valley and Aspen to be sold fully furnished, and typically the new owners aren’t thrilled with every design decision that the previous owner made. One of our specialties is to help our client assess what items should be kept and incorporated with new statement pieces that are a reflection of their taste. It helps stretch the budget, and the items that are best removed can go to local consignment stores.

We’ve put together a few fun statement pieces to share from sofas to chandeliers that can instantly upgrade a space, all of which are available for purchase through LKW Design Associates in Edwards, Colorado. Our interior designers can work with you to make sure the pieces you choose to upgrade your space mix appropriately with the other items you own and are the right scale and mix of materials.


Statement Accessories

 Statement Furniture
We look forward to working with you in 2016!!
xo LKW