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May is National Pet Month (at least for those of us here in the United States)! As loving pet owners, most of us have learned the hard way that our pet’s muddy little paws and luxury interior design aren’t exactly 2 concepts that meld well together – or so you thought. To celebrate (or shame?) our favorite animals, we decided to share with you some secrets you can deploy in your own home to protect quality design without resorting to the plastic seat covers!

Fabrics & Upholstery

When it comes to your living and entertaining spaces, let’s get real and admit that our furry friends will be enjoying the feather down filled cushions on the plush sofa as much as the rest of the family. Instead of going the route of traditional interior fabrics, ramp up your protection factor by asking your interior designer about high-end outdoor fabric options for upholstery. Now, I know you shuddered when you heard the word “outdoor” – we aren’t talking about the scratchy, cheap-o patio furniture fabric that popped into your mind. The outdoor fabrics we use in our projects are durable and tough, and come in a variety of soft textures with many sophisticated colors and patterns to complete each design project – and the best part is – no one will ever know they are intended for outdoor use. Our favorites are from Great Outdoors by Holly Hunt. These fabrics are durable and stain resistant, protecting against accidents and muddy paw prints!

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If you aren’t in the market to purchase new furniture, or have recently redecorated, you still have options! SteamMaster offers an excellent stain treatment for fabrics (from velvet to leather to wool) that can stop stains before they set in.

DESIGN TIP: “We regularly use fabrics made from Solution Dyed Acrylic for upholstery in our design projects. Mixing in custom accent pillows made from decorative non-outdoor fabrics allows us to customize the design for each of our clients. Replacing pillows when an accident happens, or a few years down the road, is a great way to refresh a space without feeling like the original investment wasn’t a good choice.” – Kayce Newell, Principal Designer LKW Design.

Carpet & Flooring

Ever come home from a long day at work and see this as you walk through the door?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.50.43 PM

We feel your pain. When it comes to selecting wall-to-wall carpet, consider options that use a combination of cut pile and loop construction. An all cut construction tends to wear quickly and end up looking awful – #trafficpatterns. An all loop construction will offer you an attractive look for more updated and contemporary aesthetics- but buyer beware – the loops can pull loose with long doggie claws – we know from personal experience.

Nylon products that are stain treated at the factory will also serve you well if you have four-legged friends roaming the home.

giphy 2Wood floors make for a great venue to host the Feline Bowling Championships!

If you choose to go all hardwood throughout the house, consider finishes that have some “character” (think wire brushing and UV oil) to help hide paw prints and small surface scratches.

Just have a quick spill that needs to be addressed? Check out this great informational video from our friends at Perennials.

 Now wipe that smug look off your face – you can keep your pets and your nice things! We hope you have found this post helpful as you fight the good fight against fur and paw prints while trying to maintain a beautiful home. If you still have questions about what options will best suit your needs, contact LKW Design Associates today to discuss your next project! xo LKW
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