LKW travels for inspiration around the world; to design markets and to out-of-state projects with our favorite clients. And while traveling is always exciting, there are its downsides – crowded airplanes, long days, dry air, and not to mention, how do we pack all that “stuff”?! Here’s a list of the top 10 items that make those long travel days a little bit more tolerable.

1. Whether at market or hustling through congested airport terminals, a comfy stylish shoe is essential. We are always on the hunt for the next pair, but currently we are loving the Via Spiga Gingi Slip-On Sneaker.

2. Feeling drained? Saint Olio’s Body Refreshers are amazing and the best part? At under 3oz., they are the perfect travel size!

3. No matter the season, airplane temperatures are never ideal. The White and Warren cashmere travel wrap is the perfect accessory to combat cabin fluctuations. This is a winter or summer must-have on the plane. Not only is it functional, but its stylish too!

4. When LKW travels, there’s a lot of stuff we bring along. A Longchamp backpack is definitely required to keep all the necessities at hand.

5. NYR Organic Facial Wipes. Gets rid of airport grime and they don’t count towards your carry-on liquids and gels.

6. Even on the go, we need to stay connected. The iPad Air 2 is great for site photos, FaceTime with the family at home, and keeping up with emails at 30,000 feet.

7. Not only are aircraft cabins never warm or cool enough, they are also drier than that Sahara! Keep moisturized with NYR Organic Shea and Rosehip Chapstick.

8. Hand-in-hand with the iPad, we have to have our MacBook Air. We love our Apple products!

9. Now that we have packed up our carry-on, onto the checked Tumi Luggage. Quality, style and organization.

10. Cashmere Travel Pillow and Eye Mask. No explanation necessary.

No need to search high and low, we’ve organized all your travel essentials here! Happy travels! xoxo LKW


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