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Winter is coming. If you are a native Coloradan or have visited enough to consider yourself one, you know how the seasons work. Winter lasts a lifetime and our summer temperatures are gone in the blink of an eye. Now that I’ve put this title into perspective, its easy to understand why I can say “winter is coming” at the end of April. As a result, we have to get a little creative to extend our warm seasons and enjoy our outdoor space for as long as possible. We’ve compiled a few of our go-to hacks to make summer last just a little bit longer by deploying thoughtfully selected outdoor decor pieces.

Temperature Control

Adding a fire pit to your patio or outdoor hangout serves two purposes; bring people together in a common seating area and it keeps you warm as the nighttime temperatures start to dip. Typically, a feature such as this often serves as the center or focal point of the space, but you can feel free to deviate from the norm. Our friends at Thos. Baker have a myriad of artisan fire pits and custom fire tables and bowls that are sure to please even the most discerning of aesthetics (and budgets)! And not to mention, the convenience of having a gas hookup placed in the center of your seating area can’t be beat.  Great to coordinate these details for a planned layout with your designer to make sure you have the necessary components for a great patio.

Your patio is a great space for grilling, entertaining, and relaxing, so why force the party indoors once the sun goes down? Adding a propane patio heater can help you extend the short Colorado summer season by providing a blanket of warmth and light over your outdoor space. They come in a variety of styles and uses so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs and tastes. From tabletop, to portable, to an overhead mount (great for small spaces that cannot accommodate larger units), this functional, but attractive fixture, is a must-have for homeowners who can’t get enough of our mountain valley lifestyle.

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Furniture and Seating

With warmer temperatures comes the occasional shower (or storm). For your patio, this means that your seating and outdoor furniture is bound to be damp. Utilizing furniture covers helps greatly in extending the life of your outdoor furniture and will allow you to use the patio immediately following an afternoon shower.  Companies such as Frontgate offer great options, whatever your personal style may be. You can also purchase a customized furniture cover size specifically for your furniture through LKW Design.

If you are more inpatient than the average Joe, we know how important it is to ensure your outdoor furnitures and fabrics dry quickly after weather. Consider employing an outdoor cushion with a Dacron foam core underneath your newly selected cover. This foam material is fast drying and will drain water easily. For even faster drying cushions for those outdoor evenings after an afternoon rain shower you can have custom cushions made with a mesh bottom in addition to the foam core. Do keep in mind the mesh bottom option does not allow you to flip the cushion. Avoid outdoor cushions from big box stores that have a polyester fiber fill, which is a wet soggy mess for hours after getting even a bit wet. Fabric used for outdoor cushions and pillows should be made from solution dyed acrylic, which is mildew and stain resistant with the added bonus of not fading in our high altitude sun.

Foam Collage


Outdoor lighting helps to create an inviting atmosphere for private evenings or larger group gatherings.  Hinkley Lighting offers unique designs for your garden and patio areas with low ground lighting. Adding decorative outdoor pendants to a patio space can also create an indoor living space, outside. Its important to have a variety of lighting levels including overhead, eye level, and ground level to create the perfect ambiance. It can also be fun to play with strings of overhead lights across the whole patio!

Hinkley Lighting


Living in Colorado, we are the expert on staying warm year round (summer nights can get chilly). A hot tub or spa is a great added feature for any outdoor space.  Even in our beautiful summers, it still gets cool enough in the evenings to enjoy!  We recommend working with professionals from many of the local companies (we recommend Colorado Pool and Spa Scapes) to achieve your needs concerning hot tub design, specification, and installation.

Diamond Spas

 Must-Have Statement Pieces

No outdoor retreat is complete without at least ONE statement piece. Our favorite addition? This super fun hanging chair. How fabulous would you look lounging in this?!

Tell us, what’s your favorite way to enjoy your outdoor spaces year round?

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